10 benefits of having Your Written Word write your book


1. Time

Successful books often span 60,000 to 100,000 words. For inexperienced writers, this task may seem daunting. Besides saving you months (or sometimes years) of stress, a ghostwriter ensures that your work will, in fact, reach completion.


2. A complete, professionally written manuscript (includes 1 rewrite)

Sometimes even an expert needs a ghostwriter. If an author knows too much about a subject, it may be difficult to determine which information is appropriate to include in a well-focused, fluid, and complete book. It’s also vital to decide which information should be excluded from the final product. A ghostwriter will help organize your ideas and articulate exactly what you intend to say.


3. The prestige of having a book written in your name

Having your own published book boosts credibility and can be a great promotional tool.


4. Anonymity of the ghostwriter

As contractually agreed upon


5. Extensive research

Research allows the ghostwriter to both fact-check and “get inside your head.” Client must provide research materials.


6. Weekly 1:1 interviews between author and ghostwriter 

When hiring a ghostwriter, you ensure that your ideas will be written in a polished and professional version of your own voice. In order to thoroughly capture your ideas, the ghostwriter will ask pointed, thought-provoking questions.


7. Periodic interviews between ghostwriter and “source” (i.e. someone other than the author)

Provided that someone else needs to be interviewed for the book


8. Complete transcriptions of interviews

For your records and for the writing process


9. Sounding board for ideas

A ghostwriter internalizes your concept and turns it into written form, helping to take incomplete or lackluster concepts and turn them into polished products. Hiring a ghostwriter gives you perspective and allows you immediate access to professional insight and feedback.


10. Expert advice on publishing options 

Professional insight into the publishing world





About the author

Rachel Rachel Brownlow is founder and CEO of Your Written Word LLC, a ghostwriting company that helps successful and aspiring business leaders take their ideas from conception to publication. She has written, edited, proofread, consulted and/or created publishing proposals for more than a dozen nonfiction books. She also contributes to a variety of magazines and publications, including the Austin Business Journal, Austin Monthly, NSIDE Magazine and Georgetown View Magazine. You can find more of her work at rachelbrownlow.com/portfolio.