Business Blogging Packages

Blogging about your industry is an excellent way to capture the attention of your target market. Readers appreciate pertinent, helpful and entertaining information, and who better than you to give it to them? True, blogging consistently can be a significant time commitment, but that’s where we can help: Your Written Word offers a variety of business blogging packages suitable for companies striving to strengthen their brands.


SEO NEWBIE $250 | 5 blogs

For businesses that want a taste of the visibility and recognition that business blogging can give you, the SEO Newbie package includes 5 original blogs of up to 300 words per blog.


INTERMEDIATE SEO $570 | 12 blogs (a 5% savings)

For businesses seeking an immediate kick-start, the SEO Intermediate package offers 12 custom-crafted blogs of up to 300 words per blog, written to gain the attention of clients and search engines alike.


ADVANCED SEO — $930 | 20 blogs (a 7% savings)

For business that want to quickly and efficiently boost their rankings in search engines, SEO Advanced offers clients a package of 20 blogs, not to exceed 300 words per blog.


SEO GURU — $2,700 | 60 blogs (a 10% savings)

For businesses committed to staying on top, the SEO Guru offers a bulk package of 60 custom-crafted blogs, not to exceed 300 words per blog.


*All packages must be completed within a 6-month time frame.

**Investment levels above apply only to blog packages totaling 300 words or fewer per blog. For information on designer blog packages consisting of blogs over 300 words, please send inquiries to