On Sept. 9, CNNMoney ran a story featuring Your Written Word and 9 other up-and-coming startup industries. Read the full story here.

CNNMoney ghostwriting

***Comment from Rachel: “Hello, everyone. I wanted to address one of the alleged quotes in the piece on ghostwriting. In the article, I was quoted as saying that I got into ghostwriting because of the “potential to make good money.” That quote is inaccurate and not my own. When I started ghostwriting, I was a college student who loved writing; I loved the idea of hearing interesting stories and helping people tell them. That is why I got into ghostwriting. Since then, I’ve taken the business from a freelance endeavor to a small LLC. So yes, ghostwriters certainly have the potential to earn a sizable income, but it took me several years and much persistence to get to where I am today. Additionally, I want to point out that while we do juggle several book projects per month, we spend several months on each book so that clients get the attention they deserve.”