With the multitude of blogs across the Internet covering a vast array of subjects — one of which will certainly be the subject you were hoping to cover as you begin your own blog — it is important to take advantage of every opportunity to draw readers in. One of the most prominent ways to do that is to choose an attractive name for your blog, as it is the first thing readers see in their search engine results. Here are some guidelines for choosing an appealing blog name:

  • Choose a blog name that is concise, memorable and relevant to your subject matter.
  • Check to see if you are able to purchase the domain name that matches your blog name. If it is available, buy it before someone else does.
  • Research other blogs to ensure that no one else has already taken your desired blog name.
  • Choose a blog name that’s easy to spell.
  • Once you think you’ve chosen a name, ask other people for feedback. Do they think it’s as memorable as you do?
  • Choose a name that appeals to your targeted demographic.
  • Before you commit, check if the blog name can be used cross-platform, i.e. as a Twitter handle, Facebook name, etc.
  • Pick a blog name that will continue to be relevant if you later decide to incorporate additional subject matter.
  • If your top choices have already been taken, try borrowing synonyms from other languages or making up a new word. Over time, readers will begin to associate your blog name with your brand.


About the author

Rachel Rachel Brownlow is founder and CEO of Your Written Word LLC, a ghostwriting company that helps successful and aspiring business leaders take their ideas from conception to publication. She has written, edited, proofread, consulted and/or created publishing proposals for more than a dozen nonfiction books. She also contributes to a variety of magazines and publications, including the Austin Business Journal, Austin Monthly, NSIDE Magazine and Georgetown View Magazine. You can find more of her work at rachelbrownlow.com/portfolio.